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Forge Pond Park in Hanover

Forge Pond Park located at 245 King St in Hanover sits on 40 acres of open space and is a major hub of outdoor activity for this town.

It is a very heavily used park yet there are countless parking spaces giving it the ability to handle much more use!

A major feature of the park are it's 6 ball fields, 3 baseball and 3 softball fields all lining the outside of a large expanse of open green field. 

This large field looks primarily  to be used for soccer but the park's website claims it can be used for any sport requiring a large field, or an event such as an outdoor fair.

Forge Pond Park is a major hub to many walking and hiking opportunities.

Several hiking areas already highlighted by this website leave this property making it a great starting point for hiking any of these trails.

Large tree along the walking route at Forge Pond Park.

If hiking or walking through the forest isn't desirable the park features many wide paved walking trails for those who want a safe level walking experience. 

Great for families with small children on bicycles or with strollers.

A walking trail behind softball fields at Forge Pond Park.

There are two main walking routes used here at Forge Pond Park, but they are interchangeable.

One is an outer walking path that measures just about a mile.

It weaves along the edge of the park at the forest edge and through parking areas toward the rear of the park.

short sandy loop trail into the forest

Toward the far end of this walking trail

there is a short sandy trail that loops

slightly into the forest.

narrow gravel trail leading to Hanover fireworks trail


Near the front of the property this walk can be extended just a bit by following the gravel trail that leads out to the front gate and can also be used to cross over to the Hanover Fireworks Trail.

Once out at the front gate of Forge Pond Park, crossing the entrance roadway is the other portion of this extension of the walking trail.

This portion of the walking trail leads foot traffic into the park and connects with the outer walking trail.

Circular parking area for the boat ramp at forge pond park.The two walking trails separate at the circular parking area for the boat launch.

The inner walking trail connects and joins with the outer walking trail for the length of the soccer field along the forge pond side but separates and leads around the field toward the pavilion.

While the outer continues on and leads past the boat launch and behind the softball fields beyond the field and along the forest edge.

The inner trail measures in at just about 1/2 mile.

A great compliment to either of the walking trails here at Forge Pond Park is a quick loop around the Clark's Bog trail.

Hiking Trails at Forge Pond Park

Forge Pond Park is a great place to park for several of the area's hiking trails. 

Below is a list of the trails you will find here.

Clark's Bog Trail

Forge Pond Trail

Hanover Fireworks Trail

Rockland Fireworks Trail

French's Stream Trail

small bog area at front of forge pond park

There are a couple of bog areas within the park incorporated into the landscape.

One near the front entrance along the outer

walking trail and one toward the rear of

the property not far from the entrance

of the French's Stream Trail.

Plenty of benches to rest on along the walking trail at forge pond park.

Any walk here will lead you

to many trail side benches.

One of many doggy bag stations at Forge Pond Park in Hanover.

Dog walking is popular here as there are an

abundance of dog bag stations complete

with trash receptacles.

Sign at Forge Pond Park reminding dog owners of their responsibility.

There are several signs that bring out the

importance of dog owners picking up after

their dogs and that they must be leashed.

There is a kiosk that helps to educate dog owners

and the public of picking up after their dogs taken from

the North South River Watershed Association's

Water Smart page on Pet Waste.

A big problem on the South Shore.

Along the right side of the park

you will find the beautiful Forge Pond.

At the end of the front parking area you will find the Forge Pond Trail.

This short trail is a quick diversion

away from the main hubbub of the park.

It leads close to the water where much of the waterfowl reside.

Forge Pond Park Boat Launch

At it's far end it connects with French's Stream Trail.

At this intersection you will also find a gravel "boat launch". 

If you do bring a boat there is a cul de sac of sorts with parking near this boat launch.

It is not marked but the sign for French's Stream Trail is well visible. It is only suitable for car top boats.

The pavilion at Forge Pond Park

In the middle of this recreational haven is The Pavilion.

Open in the warmer months with refreshments, it features a protected area with picnic tables.

Along the outside are restrooms which surprisingly were open on a late April day.

They are closed over the winter, the website dedicated to Forge Pond Park states it opens Patriots Day and closes Dec 1. An outhouse is also located near the softball fields on the far side of the park.

The refreshment stand is only open during soccer game times, but there is a soda machine located here for anytime refreshment.

highlights of the Forge Pond Trail

Forge Pond Trail

The Forge Pond Trail features a

cart path sized hiking trail that

runs close to the pond's edge.

forge pond trail marked by conservation signs.

Well marked by Hanover's Conservation markers.

Ducks gather at the side of Forge Pond in Hanover.

Most of the views of Forge Pond are

partially blocked from the hiking trail.

Small faint side paths bring you

out to the pond and areas where

ducks and geese gather.

Pleasant well marked forge pond trail.

The trail is a pleasant diversion

that seems to be not used much.

Great for young children that

want to explore or dogs that

aren't socially inclined.

Forge Pond Trail ends at the boat launch.

The Forge Pond Trail only measures

1/4 mile in length and ends at

the boat ramp area.

boat launch area on forge pond

The French's Stream Trail

continues on the other

side of the launch area. 

Continuing on that trail will bring you to a pleasant stream crossing and the ability to do a loop with a connecting trail that leads to the Rockland Fireworks Trail.

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Getting to Forge Pond Park


From route 3 take exit 32 in Hanover (route 53). Head north toward Norwell. Take the left at route 123. Follow this approx. 1 1/2- 2 miles to the second set of lights at Whiting St. Go left here. Follow to the end (2/3 of the way it becomes Pleasant St). At the lights with route 139 go straight onto Circuit St. Follow til the bend in the road where King St enters. Take that right and Forge Pond Park will be 1/4 mile on the right. You will see Forge Pond before the park.

Alternate route

Take exit 32 and head south on route 53. Follow about 5 miles and go right on route 139. Follow this through Hanover Center. Take the third left on Circuit St. Take the fourth left onto School St and then left on King St. Forge Pond Park will only be a few 100 feet on the right.


Possibly 100's of vehicle parking spaces

with 5 Lots.