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Hello and welcome to south shore hiking trails!!

My name is Christine and I love to hike!

As a child, my family helped to foster a love for camping and my love of the outdoors.

Many times the places we visited camping, had hiking opportunities, but for some reason my parents didn't seem interested in this activity. (Too many children to be enjoyable?)

As I became an adult, the explorer in me needed to visit some of those places, and enjoy the outdoors and nature in the best way possible. To me that is hiking and backpacking.

Sometimes it was canoeing, snowshoeing or windsurfing, but hiking has always been first or a very close 2nd with camping.

Most times they just fit well together.

As I had children I then shared this love with them, and soon my son became my hiking partner. His childhood memories are filled with hiking trips that usually took us to the mountains in New Hampshire.

More recently those trips are few and far between, with the economy, the price of gas and the constant up keep of equipment.

Whenever I feel the need to get some good exercise in or the need for solitude the choice to visit a local hiking trail has been quite often the choice I make.

I came to the realization that there

are many trails and hiking opportunities

that I had been missing in my own back yard.

AND this is my backyard,

why am I doing trail work in another state

when the nearby trails are just as in need?

As I hiked some of these nearby trails I realized there was much to offer on the south shore.

Many have varieties of wild fruits growing right on the trails.

Some are great for snowshoeing and skiing.

Many have good areas for skating. There are some trails that have great seating in a quiet spot that would be a wonderful to spend an afternoon at with a good book.

I thought a good website with trail descriptions and these other little known facts collected in one place would be a very desirable resource.

Some of the trails I had researched I found are not covered by any   website or if so not as completely as I would like, so now I have a job before me.

Here I am with south shore hiking trails.

Hope I'm able to provide you with the information you are looking for and more. If not please use the contact form below and I'll get back to you hopefully with what you need ASAP!

Thank you for visiting this website. Hope to see you on the trails!


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