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Ellis Estate Trails

The Ellis Estate Trails in North Scituate are a collections of trails winding in and around the property they are named after.

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great pond trail

The Great Pond Trail in Weymouth runs along established trails by it's name sake the Great Pond Reservoir.

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Denham Pond Trails

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood the Denham Pond Trails are a quiet woodland retreat.

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Stump Brook Sanctuary

The Stump Brook Sanctuary is a collection of trails around a wetland hidden below Burrage Wildlife Management Area.

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striar conservancy

The striar conservancy and it's well maintained hiking trails wind through the forest and along the Winnetuxet River.

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Trail Highlights

deer feeding by trail at Ames Nowell

Deer along side the trail at Ames Nowell State Park.

grapes picked by Rockland Rail Trail

Bunch of grapes picked in Rockland near the Rail Trail.

Early evening at Ames Nowell State Park

Hiking later in the day.

deer on bog in duxbury

Early morning deer frolicking on a bog.