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russell sawmill pond conservation area

In northern plymouth there are hiking trails around the russell and sawmill ponds.

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Lansing Bennett Forest

The Lansing Bennett Forest in Duxbury consist of a pleasant series of hiking trails that help the Bay Circuit Trail link to other conservation properties in the area.

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Winter Trail day at Weston Ski Track

It's another free lesson day at Weston Ski Track! Great outdoor event. If you haven't given cross country skiing or snowshoeing a try, here's your chance.Don't stay inside for the winter, Embrace it!

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Map links from Sitemap

A new and ongoing project for this website is making the Sitemap a more useful resource. There will be a series of icons to denote key elements of the trails listed. Maps is one of the most requested items. There is a compass icon below each trail listed that a map exists. Soon clicking on that icon will bring you directly to the related map.This will be an ongoing project, so check back regularly!

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grape island

Only a short paddle from Webb Memorial Park is the Grape Island Kayak and Hike trip.

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Trail Highlights

deer feeding by trail at Ames Nowell

Deer along side the trail at Ames Nowell State Park.

grapes picked by Rockland Rail Trail

Bunch of grapes picked in Rockland near the Rail Trail.

Early evening at Ames Nowell State Park

Hiking later in the day.

deer on bog in duxbury

Early morning deer frolicking on a bog.