Hiking trails of Whitman

whitman  park   
with colebrook blvd.

revised bird tracks

The heart of Whitman starts with it's town park, Whitman Park.

The hiking trails in this park were designed to be a therapeutic antidote to the day's stress.

The 14 acre piece of property that makes up Whitman Park was donated in 1880 by the man whom the town decided to name itself after,  Augustus Whitman. 

At that time it was still part of Old Abington's southern parish.  Six years later it would become the town of South Abington and twelve years more change it's name to Whitman.

grassy expanse of whitman park

A notable feature of Whitman park is in it's design.

It has the mark of the famous architect Olmstead.

With this park it was the younger generation of Olmsteads. 

Brothers John Charles Olmstead and Frank Law Olmstead Jr did the landscaping architecture much like the work of their father Frank Law Olmstead.

pleasant walkways of whitman park

The signature Olmstead design was rolling hills

and fields around bodies of water.

Peaceful pathways to stroll,

designed to be natural and bring

a sense of peace to the user.

World's End in Hingham

is another area park with

the Olmstead signature design.

bandstand at whitman park

Whitman Park features these designs with large grass expanses,

a fountain pond with landscaping and walkways through the park.

Later the ball parks were carved out , a basketball court, a band stand, swimming pool and playground added making the park truly enjoyable for all!

soldier's memorial at whitman park
plaque memorializing town workers at whitman park

A personal favorite of this park are the

many benches each with a memorial.

They have a way of being subtly placed but when your attention is drawn to them it is amazing how many the park has without looking overcrowded. 

Plenty of trash receptacles, something not always seen!

Makes this park a clean and comfortable place to visit. 

There are many memorials of all kinds throughout Whitman park.

Hastings school bell at whitman park
Teachers dedication at whitman park

 Historic value

with a dedication to important personnel

in town is always a nice touch!!   

Whitman park as a hiking trail route

While Whitman park may not be the first place one would think of for hiking trails, it warrants a second look! 

Many hike trails for a variety of reasons. Fresh air, exercise, health, weight loss, weight maintenance or maybe family together time.

What this website tries to bring to it's visitor's is the information to make any of these reasons to visit hiking areas a well equipped trip.

If you are looking for a certain amount of mileage, the outside circumference to this park is exactly .6 miles or easily remembered as just over 1/2 mile.

I have seen many a person visiting this park using that outside circumference almost like walking a track, bit more pleasant though.

Another route I found was to park on Maple Ave (as many visiting the park do) walk the  circumference of whitman park clockwise and then continue down Park Ave to it's end on South Ave.

Along the way you will pass Colebrook Cemetery and further down the street you will see views of Colebrook blvd., the destination of this hiking route.

Once out at South Ave, which makes one mile, take a left and follow down South Ave  to Colebrook Blvd. 

entrance to colebrook blvd in whitman

At the end of the road way will be the entrance to the conservation area. 

 This is a paved road blocked to traffic. This hiking trail route takes you past Hobart's Pond. Across one section of the pond to the left one will find more views of Colebrook Cemetery.

birch lined walkway on Colebrook blvd

The road way is lined by many birch

trees on both sides of the first part

of this "hiking trail".

Both sides look to be great fishing spots!

little island in Hobarts Pond

The main body of Hobart's Pond has a small island in it. 

The second portion the birches give way to Eastern White Pines on the main pond side.

walkway lined by eastern white pines on colebrook blvd

This stretch is about 1/4 mile in length.

Taking a left and walking down the sidewalk on Essex St. will take you back to your car at Whitman Park.  The mileage on this hike is approximately 1.72 miles.

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From exit 38 follow route 18 south into Whitman.  At intersection with route 27 take a left heading towards Whitman Center. Left at the fork onto West St. Straight through intersection with Beulah St and again with Washington St. Whitman Park will be on the right.


Along the street, most use the one way Maple St.

Trail Time:

short to moderate: according to route of choice.



level straight

Water sources:


Other activities:

light bicycling, fishing,

sledding in winter

assorted activities at the park