hiking trails of Halifax

Striar Conservancy

revised bird tracks
Bench overlooking the Winnetuxet River

The Striar Conservancy,

a Wildland Trust property

like many of their other properties

contain well maintained easy to hike trails.

The Striar Conservancy in Halifax comprises of multiple hiking trails through pleasant woods with a winnetuxet river view point and backs up to the lesser maintained town owned Russell/Hilliard Preserve.

Kiosk at Striar Conservancy

The parking area and trailhead are located on route 105.

While Halifax in general is one of the more rural towns on the south shore this location though still well traveled is some of the most rural.

Once parked shortly on the trail you will be greeted by a kiosk.

There is some preserve history noted on the kiosk.

 Shortly on the trail the first of many foot bridges.

Footbridge along the path

The trail starts cart path sized even

and pine needle carpeted.

There will be a bit of tree roots breaking

the evenness.

The main trail shown on the map at the

kiosk is marked by a series of red diamonds.

By the time you have only reached .20

there will have been three more crossings.

Depending on the time of year these crossings can be dry or

flowing and lively.

Striar Consevancy footbridge

Soon the trail will start winding and there will be a slight uphill climb.

At 1/4 mile the fifth bridge and in Spring a vernal pool to the left. 

The trail turns left and runs along the pool shortly.

There will be several Wildland Trust blazes,

more winding hiking trail, and at .40 the 6th bridge.

This one crosses a flowing stream with a sandy bottom.

Overlook Loop trail

The trail then runs slightly up hill and then down

leading you to bridge number seven crossing a smaller stream.

Another climb and the start of a small scenic loop.

There will be two trails on the right for this loop.

The loop is small so it will not matter which you take.

Following to the right for the scenic route at the split in the trail.

Shortly down this trail you will find the bench with a view of a portion of the Winnetuxet River.

View of Winnetuxet River

Continuing on the scenic loop,

the trail leads on a narrow track

 that connects shortly

back to the main trail.

Head right and back to the split in the trail for another loop heading left and marked by red diamonds.

Woodland meadow at Striar

A short distance up this trail you will meet another intersection.

This is the two ends of a larger loop trail.

The trail description leads to the right.

At the 1/2 mile mark of the  journey the trail crosses the 8th foot bridge.

The hiking trail through Striar Conservancy continues through an area covered by ferns and a stand of baby pine trees.

Shortly after you will find another blaze and an area littered with the past winters destruction.

Then you will arrive at the 9th foot bridge. Here to the right a sort of woodland meadow.

At . 70 a wildlands trust blaze on a large white pine and after a vernal pool in season to the left.

Trail leading to Randall/Hilliard Preserve

Just after these, a trail leads off to the right.

The loop marked by the

red diamonds continues left

with the 10th foot bridge shortly after.

The trail leading to the right is the informal entrance to the Russell/Hilliard Preserve.

It runs down to an area where it meets a body of water.

Unstable hiking trail

The trail starts off looking like a

Wildland Trust trail, but further down

it noticeably becomes less

maintained looking.

Though this may just be an area

not developed as there are less

formal signs marking existing


Lots of room for exploration here.

The trail appears to end yet a sign says the trail is closed.

It runs across a stream on a disintegrating

portion of land (most likely for the trail closing).

A trail unmaintained continues after, into the Randall/Hilliard Preserve.

Foot bridge on second portion of loop

Meanwhile back on the loop in the

Striar Conservancy, the trail continues

narrow and winding after the 10th bridge.

This portion of the trail appears to be newer.

Then more red diamonds followed by a series of boardwalk ways.

Red Diamond blaze

More red diamond blazes appear

followed by a long boardwalk of

which after Wildland Trust blazes

appear once again.

This narrow portion looks newer and recently cut.

Longer set of foot bridges.

The trail runs through another area

of heavy winter damage that has

been cleared away.

It then curves left and arrives back

at it's intersection start at one mile.

Go right here and follow back to parking area on the first 45 miles making this total at just short of 1 1/2 miles.

Highlights of Striar Conservancy

emerging ferns

The abundance of emerging ferns

and other foliage in Spring

Vernal pool

One of many vernal pools

found here in the spring

Winnetuxet River and grass lands surrounding

Picturesque views of the Winnetuxet River

Very early spring changes things!

early spring vernal poolIn early spring the vernal pool near the kiosk looks more like a pond.

The lush green waterway called the Winnetuxet River is flowing at full capacity!

view of winnetuxet early springWinnetuxet River looks more like a pond in early spring.

Early spring also brings a bit of trail difficulty or adventure depending on how you view it!

Waterlogged trail

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This one is a drive unless you are in the immediate area.

If you are in the North part of the South Shore take exit 38 on Route 3 and follow Route 18 South.

Continue through 6 traffic lights taking a left at the 7th onto route 58. Follow this south 4.5 miles through Abington into Whitman to the traffic circle.

Take the second exit onto Raynor Ave and follow to the end. Take a left on South Ave and at the next intersection go right on Franklin St Route 27. Follow this 3.7 miles into Hanson past the intersection with route 14. Take a right on Elm St (Mo's Place on corner). Follow Elm St for 3.2 miles taking a slight left on Old Plymouth St and the next right on Pine St. Follow straight across the intersection with route 106 to the intersection with route 105. Go right. Striar Conservancy will be on the left just over one mile across from Summit St.

Southern South Shore

Take exit 18 in Kingston heading North on route 3A. In a 1/2 mile take a slight left on Main St (route 106). Continue 0.8 miles straight on Wapping Rd (rt 106) Follow another 7.4 miles on route 106  into and through Halifax Center. Take a left on route 105 South Thompson St. The parking area is approx. 2 miles down on the left across from Summit St.


parking lot can hold 4-5 vehicles

Trail Time:


mapped hike is just under 1 1/2 miles with plenty of smaller trails to explore.



Water sources:

several small running streams 

Winnetuxut River

Other activities:

Birding, snow shoe


unfortunately no dog bags, but they can ….

Dog swimming