hiking trails of duxbury

south river bogs trail

revised bird tracks
bridge over south river at the bogs in duxbury

The hiking trails at the south river bogs are a hidden gem that most likely only the local know where to find.

The main entrance is on North St. 

If heading east on this road you will most certainly drive by the entrance.

south river bogs trail head sign

Even heading north a careful look to the left is a must. Here there is only room to park one vehicle off road.

Others will be left to park at the side of a somewhat narrow forested road.

wide trail at south river bogs trail

The hiking trail starts off wide and a bit grassy.

Soon there is a moderate downward grade the trail turns to a sand and pine needle mix.

There is evidence that there is regular water runoff here as the trail becomes a bit rutted and rocky.

The trail evens off and at about 1/4 mile another trail leads to the left.

The hiking trail makes it's way through a bit more forest and then comes upon a

junction and opens out to the bogs with the South River flowing through it.

At the river crossing the trail leads over by a cement bridge.  On the other side another trail intersection and the trail leading straight goes into the forest on the other side of the bogs.

narrow trail out to duxborough trail

This ends out on Duxborough Trail to the side of the driveway of number 73.

There is a gravel patch lined by thin wood that looks to be a parking spot that is grown over with weeds.

trail along the southern side of the south river bogs

Turning around and coming back to the bogs

and taking a right will follow along the

southern side of the bogs.

more narrow trail at far end of south river trail

The trails on this end become much more narrow.

Most of the trails through the conservation area circle around the bog. There are  bridges on either ends crossing the South River.

Once to the end of the southern border trail another trail leads away into the forest.

This one ends in the neighborhood of the street named South River Trail. It ends at the side of some private property.

bridge at the far end of south river bogs

Back into the bogs the trail leads over the second bridge.

The hiking trail then leads to another corner where a wide trail leads to the left taking you back to the original intersection at the bog edge.

Along the side of this trail there was a dry river bed opposite the bog.

Many blueberry bushes can be found here as well as other bushes supporting berries.

At this same far corner a trail heads straight. This leads back to the trail that lead left as you head down the main trail at the beginning of the hike.

immature blueberries on south river bogs trail

This passes by many blueberry bushes as well.

Though there are 106 acres to the south river bog trail property (the trail sign says 100 town docs say more) the trails do not seem to use much of the area.

Total mileage was just past one mile.

In the fall it is a must to wear hunter orange. This property is designated as one that hunters can obtain a permit to use.

Though the law states that hunting cannot take place within 150 feet of marked trails safer than sorry is always the best choice!

looking north at south river bogs

Some of the better views

are from the lower bridge

at the far end of

the property.

Notice the turtle at the

bottom of the picture.

turtle on a bog in the south river

Here's a closer view of that!

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Directions: Take exit 27 on Route 3 heading East on route 139. Follow into Marshfield and continue heading east through 3 lighted intersections. After the intersection with furnace st continue one more mile for Cross St. on the right. At the next intersection take a right on Old Ocean St. At the fork in the road continue straight on Mt. Skirgo St. this will become North St upon entering Duxbury.

The trail head will be shortly on the left.


one vehicle only at side

Trail Time:
Light  only about a mile of trail.


Water sources:
south river

Other activities:

bird watching, snow shoeing,

cautions:  heavy mosquito activity as with any forested wet area in season.

grape picking in aug and sept.

blueberries in july and aug.