hiking trails of marshfield

Pudding Hill Reservation

revised bird tracks
chandler mill pond at pudding hill

Hiking trails are only part of

what pudding hill reservation

has to offer those who visit.

sign at pudding hill reservation

There is a meadow that seems to encompass part of the parking lot

as well as across  pudding hill lane.

meadow parking at pudding hill reservation
meadow at pudding hill

After this meadow you will find the beautiful Chandler Pond.

chandler pond at pudding hill

This property is owned by the Wildlands Trust. 

Chandler Pond it's website says, was created

by a dam  built  in colonial times on the South River

to support a milling operation.

It is also called Chandler's Mill Pond and is 12 acres in size.  

There were several gristmills built along this pond till they

turned to a cotton and wool manufacturing company.

Getting to Pudding Hill Reservation:

From exit 12 on route 3, follow route 139 east into Marshfield. After the intersection with Furnace Street approximately 3/4 mile take a right on Cross st. Follow across intersection with Old Ocean st. to near the end and Pudding Hill Lane on the left.
Shortly up this lane you will find the parking lot on the left.

Hiking the trails here at Pudding Hill will not take much of your time but well worth the visit.  I visited in the early fall,  always a good choice in New England. Not to hot and always beautiful!

the climb up pudding hill

The first part of the hiking trail is a short climb.

arrow directing the way on pudding hill

You will find an arrow
on the trail leading you to the right. To the left follows to private property.  This leads up to a main trail ,

hiking trail at pudding hill in marshfield

following to the right on one end leads to a  
water tower (not my favorite destination)

trail in pudding hill reservation

the other way follows down to an opening on route 139 not far from the veterans park
at the junction of route 139 &  route 3A.

junction trail at pudding hill

Going to the right at this main trail you will find another trail leading to the left.

This will
bring you across the property

trail opens to a view at pudding hill

to a ridge above a shopping area with views to the east. 

This portion will loop back and reconnect with
the main trail near the water tower.

connector trail at pudding hill in marshfield

There are just short of 34 acres to this property. The trails cover what seems to be only part of the property. 

The pond was what I left for the end of my exploration of this property that day.

On the wildlands trust site it states that there is no swimming or boat launching at Pudding Hill yet on the sign at the property it states there is swimming in designated areas (none seem to be designated).

fishing spot on chandler pond in marshfield

Fishing spot on Chandler Pond

Online fishing sites say this is a great pond for large mouth bass fishing along with several other types of fish. It also says that canoes have been seen on the pond.

The quietness of this area makes me think that it would be a great place to observe wildlife.  Most certainly birds in the spring. On the day of my exploration I knew that I disturbed some deer but was not able to actually get a sighting. (That only happens, of course, when I don't have my camera).

chandler pond in autumn in marshfield

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from Boston take route 93 south and route 3 at split. Take exit 27 route 139 east. Follow through 2 intersections with lights. Take the 4th right onto Cross St. Straight thru intersection with Old Ocean St. Left on Pudding Hill Lane. Reservation is on the left.


Well marked parking lot with space for 4-6 vehicles.

Trail Time:


1/2-1 hour



initial climb up hill is moderate. All else is easy.

Water sources:

water in Chandler Pond

Other activities:

bird watching,

snow shoeing

swimming or boating are not permitted.