hiking trails of braintree

Pond Meadow Park

revised bird tracks
paved trail at pond meadow park

If you are looking for the premier

hiking trails of Braintree,

Pond Meadow Park would be your


dedication sign at pond meadow park

This park appeals to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.

The over 1 1/2 mile paved loop around the pond is dedicated as a bike and walking path, yet it is favored by many joggers as well.

Older adults looking for a steady walking surface will find it fits the bill as well.

Being a paved surface, I've seen a few inline skaters glide by when I have visited this park.

Pond Meadow Park becomes a place of heavy activity in the early days of

spring and the early part of fall with families and their children

walking or riding the main trail.

Yet it is a popular destination all year round, rarely will you

find this park without visitors!

If a paved path is not your idea of hiking, there are several side trails of varying length throughout the park leading away or looping with the main paved trail.

blue trail at pond meadow park

Several of these trails are named.

side trail in pond meadow park

Others are not,

making pond meadow park

a great place to explore!

The hiking trails here are quite varied. From the Braintree side the main trail immediately starts downhill. Upon reaching the loop portion that circles around the pond, the trail climbs up again considerably.

If you want to avoid this hill, you can follow the car road to a point further down to either a smaller parking area or down to the dam.

weymouth side parking lot at pond meadow park

There are two large parking

lots, one in Braintree and

this one in Weymouth.

Both are substantially sized

accommodating many vehicles.

In general the walking in this park is easy, but there are a few areas that will prove a bit more challenging.

As one can see there are areas that can give a bit of a rugged work out.
Many of these areas though, have help getting up or down.


short climb to dam walkway in pond meadow park

A short almost steep climb up.

Rewarded by a great view!

looking out over the dam at pond meadow park

Continuing back into the park from this side can be a little rough going.

short rugged trail in pond meadow park

The paved trail around the pond makes the area somewhat wheelchair accessible, except for that first hill on the Braintree side.

On the map, it is the area the trail runs along called the old gravel pit.

The rest of the loop has mostly easy grades.

Other features of the park have helped to make it wheelchair accessible.

All the trails wind through a mix of forest and meadow.

This park is home to many wild animals as it is a wonderful haven in an almost urban area.

wheel chair accessible dock

a lined pathway to a protected dock

wheel chair accessible picnic table

a picnic table in the picnic area

made especially for

wheelchair use

From the Braintree side you will find restrooms, drinks available from a machine, a nature center, an outside water spiket usually used to fill containers for those who bring their dogs.

dogi spot at pond meadow park

Pond meadow park is a wonderful

and well supplied place for dogs.

a dock in the pond at pond meadow park in braintree

In the summer you will find blueberries growing on side trails, and any season fishing is a favorite as there are several piers and spots to cast from around the pond.

Though I have listed this park and it's hiking trails in the hiking trails of Braintree, the town of Weymouth has had a part in the developement of this park. The main entrance is located on Liberty St in Braintree. The "back" entrance is located on Summer St in Weymouth.

From a look at this map in the trail quick facts to the right, one can see that most of the park does exist in the town of Braintree.

Initially the land was used for flood control.  In 1972 a Weymouth/ Braintree recreation and conservation district was formed. Then the ground work for a park to be developed on the land came into place.

By 1974 all the land was accumulated and the present 320 acres including the 20 acre pond were set aside for the park lands. Construction of roads and the dam began. The park officially opened in 1976.

The present day bike path was constructed in 1984.

rules of the road at pond meadow park

 The main trail is a one way

divided roadway at pond meadow park in braintree

those on foot to the right

those on wheels to the left

only problem is that some do

not observe these rules!

There's always a rebel in the crowd!

other features of pond meadow park

outdoor classroom at pond meadow park

an outdoor class room

resting bench at pond meadow park

places to rest and enjoy

the scenery along the way

stream behind dam at pond meadow park

other water features such as the stream behind the dam

vegetation identification at pond meadow park

even a bit of an education

along your hike

This bush I had always wanted to know it's name!

It is a bush that flowers just before the blueberries mature on the bush. It is heavy with fragrance and my whole life it has been the fragrant smell that heralded the blueberry season! 

So glad that a south shore hiking trail was able to educate me on something I have always wanted to know, but didn't seem able to find the time to research!

favorite hiking trail

meadow trail at pond meadow park

meadow trail in summer

In the summer the vegetation

in the meadow is high

summery meadow trail at pond meadow park

makes this hiking trail more

like the secret garden trail

giant butterfly at pond meadow park in braintree

that tall vegetation makes way

for other rewards

meadow trail in fall at pond meadow park

Fall is pretty nice on this trail too!

view of dam in distance at pond meadow park

Wonderful views in any season are a constant feature at Pond Meadow Park!

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from exit 40 follow around rotary to Union St. heading east. At next lighted intersection with Middle St. take a right. At next small rotary take a left on Liberty St. Park entrance is on the right.


from exit 38 follow route 18 south to next lighted intersection with West St. Take a right. Summer St will be on the right just before the Braintree line. The entrance will be on the left immediately after the street passes under the route 3 bridge.


extensive on both ends of park

Trail Time:

light to moderate:

from 45 min. around main loop to couple hours exploring many trails.


mostly easy, some areas moderate

Water sources:

the pond, stream behind the dam, other streams in area in season

Other activities:

bird watching, bicycling, jogging, dog walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing,


pond meadow dog waste supplies