hiking trails of norwell

The Pathway

revised bird tracks
Pathway in Norwell

Here in Norwell, the Pathway is at the moment

a small version of a larger proposed greenway

to connect most conservation areas with hiking trails in town. 

This portion was planned as a way to keep children in town traveling to school, off the busy route 123 (Main St.)

Though it is considered a bike path, the times I traveled it there seemed to be more walkers and joggers.

Really a great multi purpose trail for all ages.

Its length of approx. 2 miles and parking at two locations makes this a hiking route that can be tailored.

Paved paths leading to boardwalks through the forest make a sure footed route for older walkers and an easy to navigate route for those with strollers.

For the full length hike park at the parking area on Circuit St. just past Pleasant on the left.

circuit st route to the pathway

You will need to walk along the street,

going right out of the parking area and

following the well established route to the paved trail.

As you walk you will notice several fields, these are referred to as the Donovan Fields.

passing by the Donovan Fields on the way to the PathwayOne of the Donovan Fields on the way to the Pathway
the paved Pathway in Norwell

At .17 you will find the crosswalk

leading over to the edge of one of the

fields and the beginning of the paved portion of the route.

The trail winds along the edge of this field, past beehives placed in an unmowed section.

boardwalk on pathway in norwell

Just after this at .40 the first and

longest boardwalk begins. 

It quickly passes over Wild Cat Creek.

long boardwalk on Pathway in Norwell

A seemingly endless boardwalk

on the Pathway through thick

forest and over a stream making

the way through easy!

At .68 this section of boardwalk ends along a fenced field at the middle school.

At .77 it turns right and continues to follow the fence and at .90 turns again this time left and runs behind the school building.

The hiking trail then passes a small roundabout and runs along the parking lot for the middle school (another good place to park for a smaller hike).

pathway behind osborne field

At one mile, the trail crossed the access road

for the school and highway dept.

The hiking trail once again runs along a fenced Osborne field.

At 1.10 another boardwalk starts and shortly at 1.24 ends with a bench to rest at if needed.

pathway winds its way thru a utility line

It then crosses some utility lines

with interesting landscape and

enters the forest again with the

start of the 3rd boardwalk at 1.30 miles.

At 1.41 it ends again, just after passing a stone wall.

pathway boardwalk passes through marsh grasses

At 1.67 miles it starts the 4th and last

boardwalk on this hike.

Shortly at 1.73 the forest opens to an

area with marsh grasses.

The boardwalk ends on Cushing Hill Rd at 1.77

No designated parking at this end.

From my reading of the proposed route, the way is to continue along the street to the high school property.

On the end at Circuit you may have noticed that the side walk was new looking across the street on Forest.

The pathway continues down Forest St where it will connect to Miller Woods.

If you drive down Forest currently (Oct 2015) the rest of the Pathway is routed out and heavy machinery being used to grade and create this next portion.

long boardwalk section on the pathway in norwell

Another shot of the boardwalk,

truly the grand highlight of this

hiking trail route.

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From route 3 take exit 32 in Hanover. Follow route 53 North toward Norwell. At route 123 go right. For shorter hikes take a right into Norwell Middle School approx. one mile on the right.

For full hikes go past the middle school and take a right on Circuit St. Follow past Forest, then just after the intersection with Pleasant the grass parking area is on the left.


Many vehicles accommodated at the middle school.

Kiosk parking on Circuit can take as many as 10 vehicles.

Trail Time:

Light - moderate

3 1/2 miles for full hike

Very Easy

Water sources:

Wildcat Creek

Other activities: