hiking trails of holbrook

The Carolyn Long Trail

revised bird tracks
long trail entrance in holbrook

The hiking trails of holbrook's Long Trail is one of the two main trails of the Holbrook Town Forest trails. It is perhaps indeed the longest trail in the forest.

Almost all the other hiking trails in the forest either intersect this trail or are accessed by this trail.

It is marked by blue circles and though most of this trail is pretty flat (only minor grades at best) many parts can be well littered with rocks that are cemented in the ground making this a trail that one must use with care.

The trail head is found on Pine st at around the number of 255.

Like the other hiking trails in this forest the parking is limited.

There is what looks like a former start of a drive way that can lead your car up on the area of the side of Pine st that would normally be allotted for a sidewalk (it is grass).

a look down the long trail in late fall

This trail is blazed by blue circles, is fairly wide in most areas and well maintained.

This trail, considered one of the main hiking trails seems to meander all through the forest which makes it the one trail useful to see the full  extent of the property.

For part of the trail it intersects and runs along with the Wiggins trail heading toward the Northern boundary end of the property.

The first part of this trail is creepy to me as you will pass by a rather large electrical substation. I personally find them not pleasant. You can hear the buzzing of the electricity quite soon as you start down the trail.

stream crossing on the long trail in holbrook

There are some small stream crossings. Though easy to cross, there are other areas of the forest that are more difficult getting around water. Further down on this section of the Long Trail is one of those more difficult areas.

Hiking here requires good boots that are waterproofed with good traction making for the best hiking experience in most seasons. Yet in summer you can probably get away with flip flops (something I am notorious for and many times sorry I did).

About half way down the first section before the first intersection with the Wiggins Trail you will come to the Diman Trail. This is worth the 15-20 minutes of extra time to explore.

Next you will come to the intersection of the Wiggins Trail. The trail turns left here running with the Wiggins Trail.

The trail then takes a right and loops back into the forest on a more narrow track.

moccasin valley on the long trail

You will shortly find yourself

in a place called Moccasin Valley.

rocks of the moccasin valley

It has the look of a small field

where large boulders were

dropped into it almost like

a game of marbles.

Good for hiking with children always looking for that rock to climb up.

Moccasin Valley does give the feeling that this place is special as soon as you enter it.

large climbing rock in moccasin valley

After leaving Moccasin Valley you will then come upon a small connecting path that can be used to access the Boundary trail.

Continuing along the Long Trail shortly from this connection is another intersection with Estes Way. This short trail leads to both the Sawyer trail and the Elfin Pond trail.

Finally the trail ends on the upper portion of the Wiggins trail.

To find your way back to the trail head and (where you probably parked your car ) you will need to follow the Wiggins trail back into the forest.

Find the intersection of the Wiggins trail and the Long trail that comes up on your left.

This will be the first intersection you came to when you started your exploration.

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from Boston take route 93 south and route 3 at split. Take exit 38 route 18 south. Right at next intersection onto West st. This becomes Grove at Braintree line. Follow til intersection with Liberty st. This becomes Pine St at Holbrook line. The Long Trail will be on the left.


one car at trail head

Trail Time:


1- hour


Mostly easy

some slight elevations.. trail starts as a cart path but becomes narrow in many places.

Water sources:

only in spring

Other activities:

snow shoeing, x-country skiing (partially)