hiking trails of rockland

Jim's Trail

revised bird tracks
winding Jims trail in rockland

Jim's trail is the third trail developed of the hiking trails of the Rockland town forest.

It winds through the area that older maps of the area call the Salem st conservation area.

welcoming sign to jims trail in rockland

Like other areas of the town forest this portion has wet areas and several bridges and well placed stones ease you over these wetlands. 

Jim's trail leads to the

right off the Ingeno trail

at approximately 1/2 mile

into the forest.

limb lined trail in rockland town forest

 It meanders into the forest and seems to not be far from the main trail.

start of stepping stones on jims trail in rockland

Just when you think what is the point to this trail as it is only a stones throw from the main trail,

it then turns sharply to the right heading deeper into the forest.

Like most of the trails here it is lined by fallen tree branches.

The trail almost immediately leads into wet land.

A series of large stepping stones help you thru that area which then lead to a succession of three bridges.

start of bridge work on jims trail

The wood planks to the left of this bridge were the earliest way through this wet area.

early construction of bridge on jims trail

This line of bridges went through quite a building process to become what it is today.

finished first bridge on jims trail

Little islands were made to connect the three bridges.

This is another one of the areas that has been reworked to manage water and the trail.  

trail through stand of evergreens on jims trail

More rock stepping stones and then the trail winds through an area with a stand of evergreens.

Giving one
hiking through the area a sense of peace.

stone lined trails lead to stone filled trail

stepping stones over deep water

Artifacts placed creatively along the trail.

This crossing is intriguing, the water is fairly deep and the rocks are icy this time of year.

icy crossing in rockland town forest

Careful stepping!!

 bridge on jims trail

There will be yet more stepping stones and bridges to cross.

bridge on jims trail in rockland

The usual stone wall found through many of the forests
New England that marked the property lines at one time.

stone sculpting on jims trail in rockland

There will be
one more elaborate rock sculpture exhibit.....

Just how did they get that one stone to hang on the side of
that boulder??????

The trail finally ends at the other parking lot on the Spruce st. side of the forest.

In total the trail is between 1/4 and 1/3 miles long. An interesting addition to a hike through the forest.

Evidence of the town forest "residents" on Jim's trail.

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from Boston take route 93 South and route 3 at split. Take exit 35. At end of ramp take a right on Hingham St. Follow to end and right on Webster St (route 123). Follow to end at Union St in Rockland Center and take a right. At lights take a left on North Ave. Follow past intersection where route 139 emerges. Town Forest is on the right.

Small parking lot that accommodates 3-4 cars.

Trail Time:

1/3 mile


one triple bridge

Water sources:
french's stream,

Other activities:

bird watching,