hiking trails of rockland

Albert L. Ingeno Trail

revised bird tracks
Albert L. Ingeno hiking trail

Of all the hiking trails in the Rockland

Town Forest the Albert L Ingeno trail

looks to be the main trail.

It is approximately half a mile long.

ingeno hiking trail in rockland

It starts just past a picnic area near the front of the forest as an original fire road.

Once past this original part of the trail of the town forest

it takes a sharp left where the newer part of the trail

work starts.

It then intersects with the blue loop trail that has also been named Don's trail.

bridge on Ingeno hiking trail in Rockland

Shortly after this intersection of hiking trails you will begin traveling over a series of bridges.

double bridge on Ingeno hiking trail

Through out this trail in the spring and summer you will find all sorts of varieties of flowering plants.

Most of this trail features duplex bird houses that have been installed fairly recently.

bird houses on hiking trails in Rockland

It is a great possibility that one could find white tailed deer either resting among the evergreens or snacking on the flower tops of the many flower species in this forest.

water level in Rockland town forest

The flowers coupled with the high levels of water make it a great place to sight wild life.

If you step quietly your chances greatly increase in a deer sighting as mine did one late morning.

Once you get past the initial series

of water crossings, the power line will run

along side the trail.

A short side path will take you out there

if you wish. Many times in the power line runs,

one can find wild blueberry bushes growing there.

I have looked but not found any here as of yet.

stepping stones on ingeno hiking trail

On the ingeno trail many times stepping stones on the trail will be found.

Much of this is for navigating the trail in wet weather.

Yet there is mud in almost any season here making those stones something to be appreciated.

bench on ingeno hiking trail

You will pass over more bridges after a

homemade forest bench.

bridges and island on ingeno trail in Rockland
summer hiking trails in rockland

A small plot of forest has a sign that calls this piece George's Island.

Summer pictures always look nicer!! 

Yet insects make me appreciate fall hiking.

This may not look like an island at certain times of the year but when spring comes or any other time that makes water rush into the area this little plot does indeed become a miniature island.

This is the same area I witnessed huge heavy planking as in the picture above that originally formed the temporary bridge work get washed away by some of the water that surges in caused by heavy rain and snow melting.

water management on ingeno hiking trail

Many areas along this trail are where water becomes runoff.

This floods the area, these have been reworked to manage

the high levels of water.

water management canal on Ingeno hiking trail

And they have a highly

decorative value!!

spruce street parking at end of Ingeno hiking trail

The trail ends at the other parking
lot at Spruce st.

power lines at end of Ingeno hiking trail

Another look down the powerline

from this end of the trail.

From this parking lot there is a side trail that leads to the part of the stream that first enters the town forest property from this end.

start of a new trail in Rockland Town Forest

Here is a picture from the fall of 2011 showing the start of yet another new trail.

Which has been completed and is now called Jim's trail.

Winter in the Rockland Town Forest

Though we didn't have much of a winter in the 2011/2012 season

it was still pretty interesting in the forest.

icy water in Rockland Town Forest

Ice skating anyone?

icy canal in Rockland town forest

Below are some winter pictures that truly look like winter!

After the Blizzard 2013

The forest was beautiful after this storm, but presented many challenges as well.

The high water content of this forest will make the stepping stones and boulders that help form the bridges a bit hazardous on any winter day.

After the blizzard those hazards disappeared. The early heavy snow of the blizzard bent many trees over blocking and obscuring some of the hiking trails.

stream flowing under a bridge in rockland town forest
stream in winter in rockland town forest

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from Boston take route 93 South and route 3 at split. Take exit 35. At end of ramp take a right on Hingham St. Follow to end and right on Webster St (route 123). Follow to end at Union St in Rockland Center and take a right. At lights take a left on North Ave. Follow past intersection where route 139 emerges. Town Forest is on the right.

Small parking lot that accommodates 3-4 cars.

Trail Time:

 1/2 mile


many bridges and much stonework

Water sources:
french's stream, many tributaries

Other activities:

bird watching, limited x-country skiing, snow shoeing,