Dog Hiking Trails

Rexhame Beach

revised bird tracks
early morning at Rexhame Beach

Looking for the best dog hiking trails?

Rexhame Beach makes that list! There are so many features that put it at the top of the list.

Rexhame Beach is a town beach. Being so makes it a bit more private though not unattainable.

The beach has a moderately large parking area that allows those with town stickers to park or those without stickers pay a day use fee. This mostly applies to the summer months.

Early morning or late in the day are times to use the area without the fee. Though the hours and time of year that the fee is needed, will provide the visitor with a snack concession and restrooms.

entrance to trails at rexhame beach

Many of the more public beaches on the south shore prohibit dogs from the beach during the summer season.

Not so with Rexhame beach!

One of the main entrances to the beach at the far end of the parking lot has a stand with dog bags provided.

On the same end of the parking lot,

but opposite side is a gated entrance

to the trails that run along South River. 

If you do head out on the beach with your dog,

traveling  north will bring you to a connecting trail

that leads to these behind the beach dog hiking trails.

Why are these trails labeled dog hiking trails?

bench at rexhame beach by marshfield canine club

While there is some pretty regular use by people of all sorts, there is a pretty large dog use presence here.  Not sure what kind of organization the Marshfield Canine Club is, public or private, it seems they meet here with their dogs regularly.

bench at rexhame beach along the south river courtesy of M.C.C

Benches are all dedicated

to dogs courtesy of

the Marshfield

Canine Club.

Another great thing about hiking here at Rexhame on these hiking trails is that it is a mix of stone and heavy sand. Sand is great for resistance and gives more of a workout.

dog beach or canoe launch at Rexhame Beach

Running along the backside of

Rexhame Beach is the South River. 

dog beach on south river behind rexhame beach

Along the riverside are several

"beaches" perfect for dog

swimming or launching

a canoe or kayak.

wide sandy trail at rexhame beach

Some of the trails are wide roads

trail thru dunes at rexhame beach

others are true trails that often

wind through the dunes. 

sandy passageway thru protected dunes at rexhame beach

Some of the dune grasses are fenced

off to protect them.

The town has put christmas trees

from times past out here to compost.

This has resulted in a  wonderful balsam pine aroma as you walk through the passageway out to the beach.  Heavenly!!

If once you are done exploring the Rexhame Beach trails and you feel you need more exercise, you can continue your journey on to Humarock Beach in Scituate as the trails here lead out to that area.

If you are not familiar with the area, it may seem strange that this beach borders anything in Scituate!

There is a sign at Rexhame that helps explain this. The gale in 1898 actually removed the land that connected Humarock beach to mainland Scituate. It caused both the North River and the South River to change how they flowed. The original inlet for the North River was just on the other side of Rexhame Beach.

The land filled itself in after the shift. The new inlet is much further north and is at the end of the peninsula that is Humarock Beach. Both rivers connect at that "new inlet".

This is a trail junction. Taking the

left will bring you to one of the

many beaches along the South River.

Heading straight will take you

Old Mouth Rd at the southern

end of Humarock Beach.

after high tide on the trails behind rexhame beach

This picture shows how the

tide can affect your hike.

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from exit 27 on route 3 follow route 139 east into Marshfield (Plain St.) At the intersection with route 3A the road then becomes Ocean St. Continue straight through Marshfield Center. Continue straight approx. 2 1/2 miles. Take a left on Winslow St. Winslow will become Standish St. follow to the end at Rexhame Beach.

moderate sized parking lot. 30 plus vehicles


residents 50.00 with sticker; day use 20.00 mon-thur 25.00 on Fri. & Sat..30.00 Sun/Holidays  After 5;00 everyday $5.00

Trail Time:
light to moderate depending on hiking options.


**tide can change the landscape

Water sources:
No fresh water,

Other activities:

canoeing, kayaking, swimming, basketball court, bird watching


dog beaches at rexhame beach