hiking trails of duxbury

Crowell Conservation Area

revised bird tracks
crowell conservation areaThis sign now resides on Lincoln St

The hiking trails at Crowell Conservation

Area provide a few options to length of a

hike, but in general it is a quick easy affair.  

road around cranberry bog at crowell conservation

This conservation area is mostly made up

of a former cranberry bog and the service

roads one usually finds around any

cranberry bog.

Behind the main bog area you will find a couple of ponds.

small pond near parking at crowell conservation

small pond next to the auxiliary parking area

This parking is at a small area to the side of the bog along Congress St. 

The new update to the area:

The sign was cleaned up and moved to the Lincoln St parking area. It is considered the more user friendly parking choice as it is safer than busy Congress St.

I couldn't agree more! Right off the highway and easier to get in and out of.

Another access point to the hiking trails here is on Lincoln St. 

Heading south just after the round-about

you will shortly on the left find parking

and a gate to the property where an

electrical substation resides.

A new sign has been erected, so now it seems this is the main parking area!

From the parking area on Congress St.  a path to the far left of the service road around the cranberry bog is a short walk to this view.

view of bog marsh at crowell conservation

Starting a hike and following around the bog service road to a far corner on the right side of the bog there will be a rustic bench.

rustic bench at corner of cranberry bog
pond behind cranberry bog at crowell conservation

 It's a beautiful area as views of the upper bog ponds in the conservation area are abundant from this vantage point. 

trail behind cranberry bog at crowell conservation

Once you come upon the bench area

another trail into and between these

bog ponds will come into view.

back bog pond at crowell conservation

More views of the bog pond

open up from this trail.

If adding this trail to your overall hike it will add another one mile in total.

narrow path at crowell conservation area

This hiking trail is path sized. 

It is heavily wooded through pleasant forest between bog pond and bog marsh.

Though my exploration of this area was in mid autumn, evidence of blueberry bushes existed on this narrow trail.

You will find the end of this leg of the hike at another older abandoned cranberry bog further up Lincoln St across from Merry Village. 

Cranberry bogs are very acidic making it a good place for growing evergreens as one can see here! 

acid loving evergreen

It is possible to walk around

this cranberry bog but it is

a bit overgrown.

eastern white pine growing in abandoned cranberry bog

Follow the trail back to the original cranberry bog and continue on to the left to finish the hike.  Another side trail will open up. This is an access area for the Southscape Condominiums.

It can be taken if you prefer a wooded walk. It is a wide trail like the service roads. It  leads down to a community garden and back out to the cranberry bog roads.  At this end is where you will find the other access point to the property from the Lincoln Street side.

bridge through cranberry bog at crowell conservation

To finish the hike follow the road that brings you through the middle of the cranberry bog and over a bridge.

There will be another water crossing over flowing water. No bridge here just some large stones to help you across. Then a short walk back to your car.

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from route 3 take exit 22, Congress St. head east. Follow around the round-about. The Lincoln St. entrance is the first right on the round-about. That entrance will be on the left quickly once on Lincoln St.

More parking is on Congress St continuing straight after the round-about on the right.

Lincoln St. (Has been expanded) now appears to hold 6-7 vehicles

Congress St. approx. 5-6 vehicles.

Trail Time:

1/2- 1 1/2 hours


Water sources:
flowing water in the bog and back pond

Other activities:


cross country skiing