hiking trails of norwell

Charles Ed White Recreation Area

revised bird tracks
Charles Ed White Recreation Area

Here in Norwell, many of the hiking trails

are tucked away in quiet neighborhoods.

The Charles Ed White Recreation Area

is one of these places.

hiking trail start at white recreation area in norwell

The trail head is on Green St in Norwell.

Here parking is only available at the side of the road.

The trail starts off wide, grassy and almost secret garden

looking with grape vines lining and arching above the hiking trail.

Adding to that untouched garden

like experience,

my usual early morning explore

of the property caused me to disturb

some deer at an early morning brunch.

wide trail through forest at white recreation area

Once past the entrance way and entering

into the forest, the trail narrows and becomes

gravel and fern lined.

Further down it widens out again

but becomes less maintained looking.

Yet just further down the hiking

trail the forest is wide, but only a

narrow track through the area

is all it becomes.

Along the way much ground cover is found letting the visitor know that this was once a private property.

The now narrow way winds its way through the forest around trees and boulders and soon the trail is defined by fallen leaves.

fern lined trail at the charles ed white recreation area

The middle to end of this hiking trail becomes a narrow track through ferns in the summer months.

the climb out of the charles ed white recreation area to centennial park in norwell

Just before a fallen tree blocking the way

slightly on the trail, it turns to the left

and the first glimpse of Centennial Park comes into view.

The trail soon passes through a low stone wall,

takes a sharp left and then climbs moderately

up to the far end of the field in the park.

lower lawn at Centennial Park in Norwell

A continued climb up to this view!

This park has multi recreational fields.

There are large soccer fields with additional lawns

on the lower portion of the park.

cut grass trail at centennial park in norwell

If you continue straight along the edge of the field,

you can continue your hike through a cut grass meadow walk.

bench and campfire at lower end of Centennial Park

This leads downhill toward a meadow

where you will find a bench and a campfire ring

at another portion of the park that has been mowed.

More secret garden!

meadow at lower end of Centennial Park in Norwell

At the bottom near the meadow is a faint trail

to the right that does not seem to lead anywhere. 

The meadow is a peaceful early morning view

and certainly bird filled in the spring and warmer months!

Also seems to be a favorite among dog walkers!

cut grass trail through meadow at centennial park

Across from the bench, almost unnoticeable and to the left, is another cut grass trail through the meadow.

This trail is very rustic and cuts a path through the meadow, into the forest through a rock wall and chain link fence.

It turns into a cart path and leads into the forest where soon it will come to an intersection with another slightly wider dirt road.

hiking trail into forest from centennial park

An exploration of this turns out to be an access way out to Circuit St.

Here you will find signs that show this property is for sale and will soon be developed.

The other end of this wider road leads well into another end of the forest, but mostly leads out to private properties.

This way, before being developed could be used to gain access to other conservation properties at the end of Circuit St.

Going right on Circuit and following to the end will bring you to Forest St not far from Miller Wood.

ornamental boulder at Centennial Park in Norwell

Centennial Park is located on Pine St, where much more parking is available.

Just around the corner from the trail head of the Charles Ed White Recreation Area may be the better parking option especially if accompanied by children.

In the warmer months a portable toilet is located at the front of the park. There are basketball courts in the park and a water spiket off to the side of the parking lot.

field to trail at centennial park in norwell

Accessing the trail into the Charles Ed White Recreation Area may be a bit difficult to find in the warmer vegetation months.

The trail is narrow and almost hidden among the vegetation!

Follow along the right side of the field. As you get to the far corner, at the end

of a fence, the trail in will be downhill at the edge of the forest.

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from route 3 exit 32 in Hanover, follow route 53 North to the intersection of route 123. At these lights go right. Follow route 123 into Norwell for approx. 1 1/2 miles to Circuit St on the right.

Follow Circuit St, past Forest and Pleasant til Pine St on the right. Taking this right on Pine, shortly down the street on the left will be Centennial Park. Continue on to the intersection with Green St for the trail head.

Take the left on Green and look carefully to the left for the trail head sign.


At trail head along the road on Green St. Approx. up to 3 vehicles

At Centennial Park several dozen vehicles

Trail Time:

Mostly Short:

from trail head to park is 1/2 mile. Up to 1/2 mile exploring the park.

cart trail at side of meadow up to additional  1 mile.



Water sources:

None but the water spiket in the park

Other activities:

x-country skiing and snow shoeing