hiking trails of duxbury

camp wing conservation area

revised bird tracks
hiking trail at camp wing conservation area

The hiking trails at camp wing conservation area

in Duxbury on Franklin St are an interesting

assortment of loops attached by adjoining trails.

cable seat in camp wing conservation

This area features the John Sherman Path,

an observation deck next to a marsh,

and a cable seat used to get across a stream

instead of a the usual bridge!

This portion of camp wing trails are on Franklin St with parking by the side of the road.

The hiking trail starts wide and gravel bound. The John Sherman Path leaves immediately to the left. The first part of this trail is marked by blue rectangles.

At only 1/10 mile the blue rectangle trail goes to the right and blends with the first loop marked by red rectangles.

This is confusing at first, but this area is not that large.

Not long after wandering through these trails one will soon realize the area is comprised of two loops joined by the blue rectangle trail.

Another confusing point is that on the second

part of this blue trail, the markers turn green

and the red turn a bit more orange.

(Ran out of the right color paint? Or is this

to signify you are on the second part of these hiking trails?)


trail passes over low bridge at camp wing conservation area

At 1/3 mile the blue, that switches to blue/green narrows to cart path sized trail. At 1/2 mile it passes over a low wide bridge over a stream. Shortly after, on the left, one of the narrow access trails to the John Sherman path lead off.

At 6/10 mile a trail leads to the right that is posted as closed. This trail leads to private property of which is not posted as closed on the other end. This other end is found on another part of the Camp Wing trail, so you may find yourself hiking this "closed trail" anyway. It travels in a sharp horseshoe shape.

At almost 7/10 mile the second loop with it's red/orange rectangle intersects. Here I went right with a light downhill grade. Soon after, the end of the John Sherman Path will come into view and a few steps more an unmarked trail leads to the right. This is the beginning of the closed trail that leads onto the private property.

Highlights of these hiking trails!

camp wing conservation area blaze

On some portions of the hike you will find the more descriptive blazes that are blocks of wood with wings carved into them! There are no official signs that mark this area as part of the Camp Wing Conservation Area, this is a nicer way to label them.

At 1.14 miles the white rectangles of the John Sherman Path can be found intersecting the conservation trail. Signs pointing to the observation post will be found at this intersection as well.

camp wing observation post
view from observation post in camp wing conservation area

Here you will find a good sized platform with seating. A wonderful resting spot!

The trail continues here narrowing and lined by high bush blueberry bushes!

The bushes break in several places and views of the bog open up. Some very high roots are along the trail here.

cable seat across the stream in camp wing conservation

At 1.26 the trail comes to a stream (another portion of the Phillip's Brook emptying into a bog). You will not find a bridge to cross over to the remaining hiking trail, what you will find is a chair that crosses the stream by way of a cable.

As I stopped and contemplated the best way to use this device, I watched a young beaver cross the trail on the other side of the stream.

view of the journey on the cable seat at camp wing conservation

A good ride across the stream,

but not too long!

cable seat construction at camp wing conservation area

Checking how sturdy the ride

across will be important!

There is a good sturdy cable

supporting the chair at the


cable seat navigation in the camp wing conservation area

Lots of rope for navigation.

sturdy cable seat on hiking trail of camp wing conservation area
hardware securing the seat  in the camp wing conservation trails

Plenty of secure hardware.

hiking trail continues along the bog at camp wing conservation area

The trail continues along the bog.

clearing at end of the trail in camp wing conservation

Once across, the trail follows shortly

to the other end of the bog.

It then ends in a somewhat cleared

forest area beside route 3.

clearing along route 3 in camp wing conservation area in duxbury

Looked like a good camping spot

but the traffic on route 3 would

certainly wake you up early!!

lady slipper along trail at camp wing conservation area in duxburyAnother trail highlight: lady slipper

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exit 11 on route 3 heading west on route 14. Approx. 1 mile take a right on Franklin St. Road turnoff/parking area is about 1/2 to 3/4 miles on the left.


approx. 4 vehicles

Trail Time:

light to moderate: 1-2 hours


Water sources:

Phillip's Brook

Other activities:

Birdwatching, snowshoeing, light bicycling or cross country skiing,