South Shore Hiking Trails Sitemap

bird tracks

The towns and their hiking trails


Ames Nowell State Park

Around Cleveland Pond Trail

Dog Walk Trail

Thompson Pond Trail


Cranberry Pond Conservation Area

Pond Meadow Park


George Ingram Park

Great Brewster Woods Trail

Wheelwright Park


Camp Wing Conservation Area

Crowell Conservation Area

Duxbury Bogs Conservation Area

John Sherman Path

Myles Standish Monument State Reservation

South River Bogs Trail

Thaddeus Chandler Sanctuary

Whiton Woods


Clark Bog Loop Trail

Frenchs Stream Trail

Colby Phillips Trail

Fireworks Trail

Indian Head Trail/ Luddams Ford Trail

Melzar Hatch Reservation


Burrage Wildlife Management Area

Hanson Veterans Memorial Town Forest

Indian Crossway

Rocky Run Conservation Area


Eel River Woods

George Washington Forest

Mildred Cushing Woods Conservation Area

Mckenna Marsh Conservation Area

Triphammer Pond Conservation Area

Turkey Hill

Whortleberry Hollow Conservation Area


Boundary Trail

Diman Trail

Elfin Trail

Carolyn Long Trail

Sawyer Trail

Holbrook Town Forest

Wiggin Trail


Weir River Woods

Bumpkin Island Kayak Hike      also on the kayaking and hiking page


Silver Lake Sanctuary


Pudding Hill

John Little Conservation Area

Ellis Nature Sanctuary

Stetson Meadows

Two Mile Farm Reservation


Jacobs Pond Conservation Area

Hatch Lots Conservation Area

Stetson Meadows Conservation Area

The Pathway

Charles Ed White Recreation Area


Canoe Club Preserve

Willow Brook Farm Preserve

Misty Meadows Conservation Area

Tucker Preserve

Three Town Loop


Sea Side Trail

Plymouth Harbor Breakwater


Rockland Town Forest

Blue Loop Trail

Albert L. Ingeno Trail

Jim's Trail

Rockland Town Forest Tour

Rockland Rail Trail

Twin Ponds Trail


Bates Lane Conservation


Great Esker Park

Bradford Torrey Bird Sanctuary

Webb Memorial State Park


Whitman Park

Whitman Town Forest

Whitman Hanson Trail

Donald Flaherty Trail

Other information related to the hiking trails

hiking tips

How to remove a tick  understanding ticks

Hunting Season Hiking  safeguards and information to keep you safe

dog hiking trails

rexhame beach  a great mix of sun and fun for both you and your dog!

other recreation  that goes well with hiking

Kayaking and Hiking

Bumpkin Island Kayak Hike

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Tick season is still here.

Warm weather and rain keep their numbers high!

Learn how you can protect yourself and how to remove a tick

Though many feel the fall is hunting season,

All Seasons are Hunting Season

learn how to keep safe when hunting season hiking!